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Self-reliance Websites We Love

This website has been one of the top prepping websites for many years. James Wesley Rawls, author of How To Survive The End Of the World As We Know It, operates this treasure trove of information. It should be your number one 'go to' website every week!

Robert 'Mike' Sterling, a key speaker at the 2024 Market Expo, is a contributor and trainer for this great website. Survival Dispatch provides articles, videos, on-line courses, a member-only section, and shopping too.

Daisy Luther combines a great prepper website with her excellent commentary on current events. Her articles are widely shared by many alternative news sites. She is a no-nonsense, coffee swilling lady with a strong patriot heart! She's also the author of How To Prep When You’re Broke: A Prepper’s Guide To Survival.

American Self Reliance, a new preparedness website, is an online retailer headquartered here in Elbert County, Colorado. ASR offers local classes, such as a basic pistol class, advanced prepping, and stop the bleed. ASR also holds local meetings which you may attend by becoming a member. Be sure to visit their site for local supplies and education.


Share Favorite Websites

Send us links to your favorite online websites, blogs, vodcasts or other sources of self-reliance information and tell us why they're important. We'll share new links with our community, at our discretion.
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