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Self Reliance Market Expo Exhibitors


Exhibitors Overview

Visit our exhibitors' booths in the Exhibit Hall at the Elbert County Fairgrounds. Thanks to our returning exhibitors, and welcome to new exhibitors, including Midtown Chimney and Ross Family Farmstead!

Exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall

Abunda Culture
American Self Reliance
Amy’s Arms
Beeutiful Bees
Bullseye Ammo
Colorado Fruitscapes
Colorado Greenhouse Builders
CO State Shooting Association
Damsel In Distress
Dave’s Raised Beds
Elbert County Republicans
ECCO – EC Coalition Outreach
Elbert County Emergency Management
Elbert County Extension
Elbert County Sheriff Dept
Elbert County Self Reliance Network
Elbert County Stands UP
Elizabeth Locker Plant
Not By Works Ministries – Dr. JB Hixson
Forty Mile Feed
Great Home Remedies
Grumpy Acres Farms

Hallenbeck Coin
Harvestright Freeze Dryers
Love Wellness
Midtown Chimney
Naturally Inspired Health
Parker Radio Association
Project Appleseed
Ross Family Farmstead
T-Shirts For Everyone
Simon CPR Services
Sourdough Bread Making
Survival University
Vibrant Living Oils
Waves Of Grain

Demonstrations, Workshops and Speakers

Gain knowledge at our exhibitor demonstrations, educational workshops and keynote speeches. Topics include: building a home; medical kits; beekeeping; food storage and canning; rocket stoves; escaping the system and more. The full list of topics, presenters and times will be posted by April 1st.

Event Proceeds Benefit Our Community

In 2024, event proceeds will be donated to the Victim’s Assistance Program. Our donation will be given to ECCO, the nonprofit that administers this important program, in collaboration with the staff of the Sheriff’s Department. The 2023 Expo event raised over $5,000 for folks in need. Help us get to $6,000 in 2024!

Event Sponsors

Elbert County Self Reliance Network

We facilitate communication, collaboration and education in order to support one another and work together effectively in times of crisis.

About the Network

Elbert County Stands Up

ECSU is a grassroots group of Elbert County residents dedicated to the preservation of our freedoms and liberties. We work to protect those rights when threatened by tyrannical actions of government. 

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American Self Reliance

ASR offers a wide range of prepping products: long term storage food, medical kits, and more. They will have a large booth at our 2024 show.

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ECCO is a nonprofit that manages the Victim's Assistance program, in collaboration with the Sherriff's department, to help victims of violence. Event proceeds will fund this program.

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Elbert County Sheriff’s Department

The Elbert County Sherriff's department is a dedicated and important resource in our community.

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