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Welcome to the Elbert County Self Reliance Network

We facilitate communication, collaboration and education so that groups and individuals can work together effectively during times of crisis. We choose to thrive – not just survive.

Why do we need a county self reliance organization?

Our federal government is burdened by enormous debt, creating an unstable dollar and sparking massive inflation. We anticipate future food shortages due to pressures on farms and ranches. The federal government has abandoned its responsibilities, allowing a tremendous influx of undocumented illegal migrants. World War 3 and civil war are openly discussed. There are many concerns looming due to government power grabs and neglect.


Citizens who are passionate about preparedness founded the Elbert County Self Reliance Network because we want our citizens to be ready for any kind of emergency. The Network includes citizens groups, local non-profits, businesses, county and town agencies and individuals. Our purpose is to facilitate communication and collaboration among our groups to enhance our ability to work together effectively in times of crisis so that we may persevere.

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Self Reliance Market Expo April 13

The third annual Elbert County Self Reliance Market Expo is April 13, 2024 at the Elbert County Fairgrounds in Kiowa, CO!
Exhibitors  |  Workshops and Demonstrations  |  Top Speakers

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The Self Reliance Network

Visit this page to learn about how Elbert County, Colorado is getting prepared, and how you can get prepare your family through our self reliance network.

Education and Events

Visit this page to learn about educational workshops and speakers sponsored by Elbert County organizations, as well as community events.
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Organize Preparedness in Your Neighborhood

Visit this page to learn about how you can organize and galvanize your neighborhood to work together and be prepared for any emergency.

Our Partners

The Elbert County Self Reliance Network is proud to include these organizations. Contact us if you're an Elbert County, Colorado organization interested in joining to strengthen our community.

Elbert County Stands Up

ECSU is a grassroots group of Elbert County residents dedicated to the preservation of our freedoms and liberties. We work to protect those rights when threatened by tyrannical actions of government. 

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American Self Reliance

American Self Reliance is an online store for preparedness that offers a wide range of products: long term storage food, medical kits, and more. They will have a large booth at our 2024 expo.

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Get Involved

Elbert County Self Reliance Network was founded by a group of like-minded individuals who share a passion for self-sufficiency and preparedness. Our network includes farmers, homesteaders, emergency responders, and survival experts. Together, we aim to build a stronger, more resilient community.

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